Sonor 22n  $1575 

Pearl Export 5pc with stands $1199

Pearl SRX 225D Includes stands and pedals  $2599

Percussion Plus PP3500 Includes cymbals  $649.95

Percussion Plus 5DI  $199

Percussion Plus 5D3  $249

Rogers Includes stands and pedals  $899.99

Manhattan  $1099

Roland TD4  $1199

Black LP Cowbell  $47

Red Wood block  $44

TB 1314 VC  $329

Red Rhythm Tech Congos Includes stand  $448.95

Stageman Drums Dark Brown in back DDAB25  $569

Stageman Drums Green DDAF24  $312.99

Stageman Drums Lighter Brown beside Red Congo DDLC245L  $229.99

Stageman Drums Lighter Brown beside Dark Brown Congo DDN920L  $159.99

Stageman Drums Lighter Brown Mini in front DDGS16  $159.99

Bongos  $79.95